Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is not just a simple massage it is an experience of deep pleasure, intimacy and connection. It is the way to awaken your desire and bring more intimacy and passion to your life.

Erotic massage is not however a new thing. It has been in society for quite a long time though carried out in a more secret manner. Nowadays it obeys the modern laws. Generically erotic massage is used as a way of achieving sexual sensation and for this reason it is this kind of massage is especially performed on the body’s erogenous zones.

Erotic massage is very special, almost unique. Our massage practitioners are professional, well-seasoned and very attractive. The techniques used by them are intended to achieve virtuosity over breath, thought, and all physical processes.

The scenery in which Erotic massage will take place should inspire relaxation and eroticism. Massage is meant to arouse passion, to arouse your senses and finally end with the explosion of sensations.

Like any type of massage , Erotic Massage begins with the application of an aromatic oil which is going to relax the muscles , putting blood moving slowly, warmed skin and put in balance the body and spirits. Once this step is performed the massage session will start with light strokes operated by the fingertip and moving on to whole hand strokes and caresses. You should feel free to mention anything that is getting in the way of your comfort and pleasure.

Erotic massage serves to break up the everyday reality, to relax completely and the mixture of sensations does not allow you to think about something else.

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